About Us

Delta Creation Sdn Bhd

A specialised manufacturer of rubber and EVA footwear in Malaysia. The company was established since 1994 and the major product development is resource-based using natural rubber. Today, Delta Creation is proud to present its brand name of “Coveitchi” products.


- To offer an affordable solution to customer with unique footwear product.

- To provide a first class after sales customer service.

- To satisfy and maintain good relationship with customer, employees and suppliers.

- To continual improvement of the quality management system.


- To be the number one source of high quality & stylish footwear.

Xin Jian Chang Sdn Bhd

A trading company which established since 1950s. The company commenced their business in wholesales, supermarkets and retail chains. Over the years, the company successfully created a famous trade name among the market in Malaysia.